The How To's of Winemaking

Wine Making at Cheers

May 29, 2015

There is no need to buy any equipment when you make your wine at Cheers. We have everything you need. The first step is for you to add the yeast to start your wine. It takes just a few minutes. Then the Cheers Staff takes care of all the intermediate steps over the next 4 to 6 weeks in our temperature controlled wine room. We will then notify you it is time to bottle your wine. We have all the supplies you will need. The first step is to sterilize your bottles at one of our 4 bottle washing stations....

Winemaking at Home

May 29, 2015

Making wine at home is an enjoyable hobby that offers even greater personal rewards, like being able to say “I made this” when friends compliment you on the wine you are serving. Many winemakers enter their wines in amateur winemaking competitions. For them, the pride that comes with winning a medal is a great feeling. If you choose to make the wine yourself at home, you just need to make a small investment in an equipment kit (that can be used over and over). All the instructions needed to make great wine at home are included with the wine kit....