There are two ways to make your wine.


You can buy your kit here 

and start it and bottle it at Cheers,

while we take care of all the steps in the middle.

Or you can buy your kit here and

make your wine at home.


We have everything you need

regardless of the way you choose. 

If you don't have bottles, we have them available

at $1.25 each in green or clear.

Other extras  could include 'shrink' caps and labels.

We also carry all the supplies you need to make wine at home.





Each kit makes a minimum of 28-30 bottles.


Make at Cheers per Kit

Make at Home per Kit

On The House



Niagara Mist



Island Mist









Estate $127.00 $197.00
Reserve $137.00 $207.00


$160.00 w/ skins



Private Reserve


$168.00 w/Grape Skins



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